Sharing and create of dowsing / pendulum charts

Easily create and share dowsing / pendulum charts

Countries of Northern Europe

Lis of countries according to the UN Geoscheme for Europe

Countries of East Asia

Lis of countries of East Asia

Countries in Central Asia

list of countries in central Asia

Countries in South Asia

List of countries in South Asia

Vertebral Column Anatomy

Use to diagnose the correct vertebrae that might have a problem, it can be more than one , so ask more than one time. 360° version

Four Element

Hermetics four elements chart - percentage on outer, Active & Passive mode, Positive & Negative polarity on inner

General Dowsing

Numbers Letters polar-decisions

Musical Notes

For Music Composition / Determining Key. w/ Chakra overlay Also has some of the presets used in Voloco for major/minor/pentatonic etc

Jedi Chakra Chart

In the faith of love act truly. May the force be with you.

Human Bodily Systems

Sources of Physical Problems

Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 Healing Bach Flower Remedies

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