Psychic abilities with gifts & curses

Psychic abilities with gifts & curses

It is up to the individual to realize that their "gift" was actually a curse, and whether they would like to keep their "gifts" or break the curses.
Where indicated, others are gifts.

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New group 2     CURSES
Group     Ancient Arabic square
     Angel reading
     Automatic writing
     Clairaudience (hearing)
     Claircognizance (knowing)
     Clairempathy (emotion)
     Clairgustance (taste)
     Clairsentience (feeling)
     Clairtangency (touch)
     Clairvoyance (vision)
     Clairalience (smell)
     Dream spying
     Energy healing
     Flower reading
     Incarnational channeling
     Akashic records reading
     Animal reading
     Astral projection
     Aura vision
     Automatic writing reading
     Body dowsing
     Bones reading (African)
     Cartomancy reading
     Chakra cleaning
     Crystal ball scrying
     Deep channeling
     Dowsing - pendulum
     Dowsing - rods
     Dream exploration
     Face reading
     Fire scrying
     Fullbody channeling
     Graphology reading
     Light trance channeling
     Mediumship reading
     Mirror scrying
     Numerology reading
     Photo reading
     Remote viewing
     Rune cards reading
     Rune stone reading
     Scrying reading
     Soulmate reading
     Spiritual healing
     Symbalon cards reading
     Tarot cards reading
     Tea leaves reading
     Water scrying

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 10/10/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Psychic abilities

Updated the chart once again to include "Magician".


Protection against Ghosts / Jinns / Evil Spirits

Hidden psychic abilities

Check your Clair? and / or other potential psychic or paranormal abilities, you may not be aware you possess. Meet you perhaps, in some astral world.

Pendulum Time Chart

Ask your guides/energy to be with you Set your intention/ask your “show me” question Hold your pendulum in your right hand over the centre of the mat Ask your question Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings The pendulum will swing towards one of the answer written on the mat Give thanks to your guides/energy Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

How is my pet?

More useful for dogs, and cats. For example, I've found that if my dog has eaten something bad, or had an encounter with a toxic toad/frog, a bowl of milk might help.

Yes / No / Maybe

A chart for Yes / No and percentage questions

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