About Subtil

Managed by a small group of friends close to the subtle worlds!

The idea came up... with the need, after a few training in dowsing, it seemed more convenient to us to gather different information in the form of dowsing / pendulum charts.

Dowsing charts generator application

Our friendly site administrator, being at ease with web application development, coded this wonderful Dowsing / pendulum charts generator software.
Its software is published under a free licence by the name of myBiometer (source code is on framagit), this is a simple web page including the generator where data (charts) is saved on your browser. On Subtil we use an improved version of the generator, the data is saved on our server and the charts can be shared between users.
If you have created charts on myBiometer we can import them on Subtil, for this please contact us.

You will find many models of ready-to-use or customizable dowsing charts.

Software evolution

We have a lot of ideas for improvement to offer (add gradients, use with smartphone, ...) and maybe you too? Let us know!
We would also like to compensate the developer for the time spent on the code and maintenance of Subtil, that's why we ask you to make Subtil known through your social networks (not just digital wink) and donations. Visit the support page to learn more.

Site translation

The goal of Subtil is to make dowsing charts accessible to many people as possible, to simplify and ease their own dowsing experiences and practises.
Subtil was originally created in French, thanks to the voluntary support of various users, the site is also available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
We would like to thank the following:

  • John Smith for the English translation
  • Stephan Stadelmann for the German translation
  • Minan for the Spanish translation
  • Alido for the Portuguese translation
  • Marina Perles for the Italian traduction
If you also wish to contribute in the translation of the site, please contact us, thank you.

Third-party libraries used

In order to create this website, we used many software components, here are some of them:

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You can oppose automated processing or request the deletion of your user account, no functionality is yet available for you to be autonomous in this action, you can however contact us via this form to make your request, we will process it as soon as possible. Please note that your private charts will be deleted, but those you would have shared on the site are made available under licence CC-BY-NC 4.0, and therefore will not be deleted.

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