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Types of pendulum

A chart to determine the shape and/or material of a pendulum for any purpose

Body organs

A chart to discover energetic imbalances in the organs

Dr. Bach - 7 different psychological causes of illness

7 Different Psychological Causes of Illnesses are there as per Dr. Bach

Causes of imbalance

Underlying causes/areas of imabalance

Subconscious programming

Affirmations for negative subconscious programming

Meridian balancing

To identify actions required to balance acupucnture meridians


A detailed percentage chart, from 1-100. The font size is small due to limited space.

Soul links

Soul Link

Karmic vows 1

Allows you to find out what vows were made in past lives or on other planes to untie or break them.

Benevolent souls

Knowing the souls that surround us, that guide and accompany us Translation from @Lechercheur2019

Medium abilities

What mediumistic capacity do I have? What "Clear" ability do I have? What is my first mediumistic ability? Translation from @madoeli86

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