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Love Languages Chart

Inspired by Gary Chapman's book


People in your life

Pathological Negative Emotions

Dowse and restore to opposite: Anger-Calm, Guilt-Healthy Ego, Alienation-Acceptance, Anxiety-Calm, Fear-Relief, Disgust-Neutrality, Sadness-Contentment, Indecisiveness-Decisive, Shame-Self-Love, Arrogance-Humility

The 12 Yungian Archetypes

This chart is there to find your archetype according to Carl Yung theory. The question you should ask is : wich archetype am I (is he/she) ?


How much vitamin, _____, do I have in my body? I am perfecting the levels of _____ in my body.

Conditions terminologies 1

Chart 1 of 2 to determine soul health conditions.

Dog Communications

Simple Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

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