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Types of dream

Use the chart to determine the type of dream you had and do the necessary response.

Heart Opening

For self-healing of the Heart Chakra

Personal spirit health checklist

The checklist is for those who have been made whole, and this is a basic list for routine checkup of spiritual health status henceforth, as this things happen easily.

Truth gauge

We are under constant psychic attacks from people who are jealous of us, resent us, and hate us. They send negative energies and malevolent spirits are attracted to the negative energies, and consequently mess with our answers when we dowse.


Scale and percentage readings are useful for determining the status of one's health, food tolerance, emotional status, etc.

Angelic pre-dowse & status

The chart was updated based on our communication with our personal Archangel. Use the chart to determine your status prior to and during dowsing for accuracy.


A chart to identify the Archangels to call on their Wisdom & Grace

Personality traits charts indicator

This chart is used for indicating which personality traits charts we should go to. Use the numbers to indicate how many charts we should go to for a single session.

Personality traits - Positive - 1

Chart 1 of personality traits.

Positive Cognitions

Positive cognitions (thought forms)

Phobias A-G

Determine the types of phobias a person has. Split into 2 charts.

Human Organ Systems and NBE Percentages

12 Organ Systems and Percent Non- Beneficial Energy (NBE) in each area.

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