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Why am i tired?

Is my issue on this chart? What is the primary reason why I feel tired? Is there a secondary reason? Yes/No, then check.

Pendulum time chart

Ask your guides/energy to be with you Set your intention/ask your “show me” question Hold your pendulum in your right hand over the centre of the mat Ask your question Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings The pendulum will swing towards one of the answer written on the mat Give thanks to your guides/energy Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

Aura issues

The aura is also known as the ethereal body


God/Goddesses who are guiding me. See individual pantheon charts

Pets illness

Find out what’s wrong with your pet

Life categories

Life Categories, health, Family, Money etc..

Chakras - Health check

A nice health check synopsis, with chakra reference. May you always use in great health.

Self affirmation

There are moments when we feel as though our lives are caving in and we aren’t fulfilling our potential. Maybe we’re falling behind at work or we’re not being the best friend, parent, or partner we could be. A Self-Affirmation Chart can be a love letter from the Divine when you’re not feeling your best.

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