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Determine the blessings you need.

Healing permissions

Determine healing permissions based on karmic purposes.

Psychic abilities with gifts & curses

It is up to the individual to realize that their "gift" was actually a curse, and whether they would like to keep their "gifts" or break the curses. Where indicated, others are gifts.

Stone selection

Which stone should I use today?

Octave Periodic Table of Elements

Chart finder for Walter Russel's Periodic Table of Elements Octaves one thru 10. 6 charts plus this one.

Weight loss issues

What issues are behind holding onto weight

Right Questions

Help in asking the right questions. Getting useful answers.

Emotion Code - 1

Negative Emotions

Focus Now

What to focus on right now

Types of dream

Use the chart to determine the type of dream you had and do the necessary response.

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