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Timing-full scope

A full scope dowsing chart for timing.

Plant health checkup

Plant health assessment, specifically for houseplants and potted outdoor plants

Communication with guides

Which guide might be you be communicating with?

Body glands

The Endocrine System. Glands and Organs

Finding lost items in your house

To help find lost or miss placed in house.

Pendulum energy

Pendulum energy measured in joules.

Emotion code

This dowsing chart contains the emotion code with its corresponding body parts. The outer rings of numbers 1-100 represents age so you can check at which age the emotion got trapped. You can use the Yes/No to see if the emotion is ready to be released, if there's anything else you need to find out more about the emotion, and to check if it's been cleared. This chart makes it more efficient than muscle testing or dowsing through groups A/B, Even/Uneven/ and 1/3/5, 2/4/6 on the Emotion Code Chart. Happy dowsing!


Locations & persons during life where & with whom a particular event happened

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