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Emotional Healing

Diagnostic chart for emotional healing.


Gauge where frequencies are between 3d 4d and 5d

Letters Numbers Yes NO

Simple Dowsing Chart Letters Numbers Yes NO

Disease: Root Causes

What's causing your disease.

Health system

The complete health system chart. Updated to gender specific groups.

Fats and Oils

A list of different fats and oils. Use to see which are causing the body issues.

Lower Chakra Blocks

Causes of Lower Chakra Blocks

Identify Guides

Learn which Guide might be communicating with you. Using letters you can ask their name. Using the numbers you can ask from what year you know them, or how many past lives are they from.

This Pendulum is Best For:

A chart to determine the best use of a particular pendulum

Animal Guide

Help reveal animal guides or totem animals, primarily for North American residents.

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