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Conditions terminologies 1

Chart 1 of 2 to determine soul health conditions.

Dog Communications

Simple Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Causes of errors

What can lead to errors in dowsing.

Crystal healing

Crystal healing testing by element

Healing Abilities, Upgrades and Psychic Gifts

Request activations to Higher Self (or I AM as necessary). Only what is authorized will come online. Check % after the request. Repeat until activation reaches 100%.

Crystal healing 1

Choose crystals for healing

Shamanic Healing

Healing of various aspects of soul trauma. Activate one by one to 100% through higher self or healer guides. Some must be requested several times to fully complete. Continue if previous was completed (up to 2 minutes). Begin with inner child, soul retrieval, psychological health and merkabah activation.


Percentages and range of effect

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