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Hidden psychic abilities

Check your Clair? and / or other potential psychic or paranormal abilities, you may not be aware you possess. Meet you perhaps, in some astral world.

Essential oils & Bach flowers

Which Essential Aroma or Bach flower remedy is perfectly right for you ? Don't stop at one, there may be many more. To your eternal health !

Homeopathy remedy 4 sight improvement

Chart to identify top homeopathy remedies to Improve yours or your clients' / friends' / families' eyesight and vision, safely and naturally.

pH values, body systems; health

A nice pH health check synopsis, with chakra reference. May you always use in great health.

Entities & Energies

To discern what type of entity or energy you are encountering and what to do with it.

Books of Scripture Finding Chart

Books of Scripture scripture Finding Chart

Meridian - Biorhythm Chart

Meridian - Biorhythmic chart is used to find the energy level of the organs and its associated active time, emotion and emotions.


Determine the blessings you need.

Healing permissions

Determine healing permissions based on karmic purposes.

Psychic abilities with gifts & curses

It is up to the individual to realize that their "gift" was actually a curse, and whether they would like to keep their "gifts" or break the curses. Where indicated, others are gifts.

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