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2024-07-10 01:35:41Tina St :
Thank You for sharing these free!
I'm new to trying charts with the pendulum.  
2024-07-09 18:42:26Shannon :
Thanks you
2024-07-09 15:36:30Carole Langmead :
Thank you so much for this amazing content.
I am very grateful to the whole team and of course The Universe 🩷
2024-06-26 15:52:46WendyS :
Thank you so very much🩷
2024-06-24 04:05:03Praveen Pradhan :
Sir this is a very useful website I am searching for.
2024-06-22 14:01:48Roz Davies :
Thank you wonderful to discover this site today.
2024-06-21 20:39:00Ovalbox :
Thank you! I am new to the pendulum. Many ideas here.
2024-06-21 20:12:08DanM :
Thank-you for providing this community resource.
2024-06-18 12:39:18Gail :
I am so grateful for these amazing charts xxx
2024-06-18 10:13:06Monica :
A big thank you to the person who created such amazing platform making the life of many light workers easier!
2024-06-17 23:13:51Stella Mariz :
Thank you so much for this for my chart.
2024-06-17 15:37:51Catarina Hamuzá :
I am deeply grateful for such great charts! I'm in awe and caan't wait to print and try these with my favorite pendulum!
2024-06-12 09:40:10Viola :
Thank you very much for sharing! Love is everywhere! Blessings~
2024-06-08 22:03:38Nina :
Thank you for such beautiful Charts--They make life easy for me!
2024-06-06 20:07:38Kristopher Dumas :
Thank you so much for offering these charts. I am so excited to use
2024-06-04 15:19:11Elisa :
Thank you 😇
2024-06-04 01:38:00TinaS :
Thank you so much for this! So many brilliant ideas.
2024-06-03 10:52:41GabbyFrench1 :
Thank you! Love this website!
2024-06-01 08:51:58Julie :
Thank you so much for making these free to download. Bright Blessings
2024-05-30 13:39:12JAYENDRA :
Thank you for the excellent charts.
2024-05-28 22:19:33Megan :
Thank you so much!! You're a bkessing.
2024-05-27 18:29:28Bruno :
Thank you!
2024-05-23 21:44:59ruh :
Thank you
2024-05-23 08:46:51amit chawla :
Thanks a ton....
2024-05-18 12:42:44Metaphysical Designs :
In my explorations using Pendulum Alchemy of the Interdimensional Realms and working with Higher Consciousness for greater understanding and healing, the charts and templates found on Subtil are most useful.
I wish to thank the creators of these charts for their wisdom and insights.
2024-05-13 18:30:56katerina :
Thank you for this gift. :-)
2024-05-13 16:27:51Nicol :
Thank you for your wonderful charts, with much love and gratitude. :-)
2024-05-09 20:56:13Louise :
Thank you so much for your wonderful site with all the great options. I feel blessed to have found your site!🩷
2024-05-09 20:25:21Jess :
Thank you for the tools!!!
Amazing selection
2024-05-09 19:52:57Dysa Ravenrose :
Thank you so much.
These are truly awesome.
2024-05-04 22:47:51Arugula :
Thank you!
So many wonderful options!
2024-05-03 21:01:06Driftwood.Life :
What a wonderful discovery to find your work!
Thank you so much for this very important gift.
2024-05-02 17:18:41AmyJo :
Thank you so much for allowing us to make our own charts.   I was hand drawing them all the time, and I was the only one who could read them.
2024-05-02 11:32:52Arya :
Thankyou Subtil for the amazing charts.
I did not know that such charts exist.
Extremely helpful for dowsers.
2024-05-01 00:26:01Miss Amma :
You have no idea how deeply helpful this is.
I like organizing my thoughts and this gives me the freedom to do so without knowing Excel (which I never learned well).
Thank you!!
2024-04-30 17:36:04sandra :
Blessings Thank you so much!
2024-04-30 16:49:15sandra :
Blessings to all. I am grateful. Thank you so much
2024-04-25 23:47:02Sharon :
What a choice. Sooo many.
Thank you so much.
2024-04-25 23:11:26Brendan Coburn :
Thank you so much for going to the trouble of making all this information available. Very grateful!
2024-04-23 13:37:09Sami :
Many thanks to you
Very helpful
2024-04-19 13:26:37Sorina Corban :
This is great!
2024-04-15 01:54:12Bjalbrecht :
This site is great, thank you
2024-04-14 06:44:25Nomina :
Thank you so much
2024-04-12 08:43:01Kiki Tse :
Thank you Subtil, great work!
2024-04-11 02:08:17rah :
Thank you, excited.
2024-04-08 00:16:50mimi :
Love this. Blessings
2024-03-31 17:34:30Ninad Malekar :
Thank you for these wonderful charts I hope you will keep going
2024-03-28 14:38:25cooper31 :
Love this site being able to make my own charts useful to me maybe others too I’m always using it
2024-03-26 06:50:06VC :
So grateful to come across this website!
2024-03-25 06:10:45bellegikas :
What an amazing website! Exactly what I needed for my energy healing business. Incredibly grateful x
2024-03-23 15:53:42OxygeneIV :
Wow, wonderful!
Composing/editing my own (Swedish) charts and supporting Subtil by donation was a no-brainer
2024-03-22 01:18:47Laurie :
Thank you for these charts! They're wonderful. Blessings. Laurie
2024-03-19 00:13:45irenexenn :
I love your site! Thank you!
2024-03-17 14:12:05Maralie :
Bless you all. Very grateful for this valuable information.
2024-03-16 15:31:26ErikVernimmen :
Thank you for your wonderfull software to create dowsing charts. In our dowsing Fb group, we promote the use of your website to create dowsing charts!
Keep up the good work!
2024-03-13 12:49:50Indira :
Dit is een fantastisch programma om eenvoudig en overzichtelijk zelf pendelkaarten te maken.
Dank je wel Subtil medewerkers om dit mogelijk te maken.
2024-03-09 06:51:07Carmene Gonzalez :
What a beautiful and generous gift you’re offering us all. May you be abundant in all you do and may love, peace and happiness always great you.
2024-03-05 16:02:44mailformac :
It is very good. I just want to say thank you. You do a great work.
2024-02-29 14:11:43Srini Victor (Srinivas Venkateswarlu) :
Hello thank you for the website and sharing the charts. It has been and will continue to be greatly appreciated. In my own humble way have made a contribution to support this service.
Thank you
2024-02-29 00:36:45Mia Rose :
Just came across this website. And wow. I’m so grateful for this site. Thanks a lot x
2024-02-28 22:08:05Cedez :
Thank you so much everyone for this beautiful platform and openness! May you receive all the donations to keep y'all thriving!
2024-02-28 11:53:53Aanjana :
Thank You....
2024-02-27 00:08:59Ivee :
I was recommended this website and is great!! I will too recommend it! Thank you for the charts!
2024-02-26 23:05:05energyshifter :
I love using and sharing the dowsing charts. It has help me to organize my dowsing energies for house clearing
2024-02-23 23:57:31Joelle :
Thank you 🙏🏻 for these awesome additions
2024-02-22 17:39:04Tomaž :
Thank you for your care...🙏
2024-02-20 12:10:05Рябова Елена :
Очень нужный инструмент для быстрого создания диаграмм. Удобный и понятный. Различные шаблоны облегчают работу. Благодарю за возможность бесплатной работы. Желаю авторам дальнейшего развития, успехов и процветания. С уважением.
2024-02-18 16:43:30holly :
Thank you love these awsome blessings
2024-02-15 17:06:46Kenneth Cairns :
Thank you so much for allowing your charts to be used for free.
2024-02-04 23:18:28Gaihle :
I was told about your platform via another. An excellent idea and, a kind and supportive initiative. Thank you! I would be glad to share charts onto this platform.
2024-02-02 12:54:57Dwayne Atkinson :
Thank you to all the authors and creative people who make up this website
2024-01-30 13:15:33Angela :
This is amazing! Thank you so much! Great charts!!! I really appreciate this website and will make a donation. Perhaps I can translate as well...
2024-01-28 02:58:06Ron B :
Just the thing I was looking for to help me with my pendulum divination. Keep it up and more power to your website. Thank you very very much!
2024-01-25 10:05:43Spirithealer24 :
I’m so grateful to have been referred to this site and to be able to use these wonderful charts to help discover my spiritual gifts x
2024-01-24 13:01:08Gautam :
I am grateful to the owners of this website for allowing us to create and use pendulum charts. The resources provided are valuable and will help dowsers like me to develop new charts for using.
2024-01-21 19:31:02Jennelle :
How Fun!! Just stumbled across this site, and promptly shared it with a friend, then printed two charts to test out. Thank you for sharing your passion, thank you :)
2024-01-18 13:42:17Lifeforcehealing :
Thank you ever so much for this valuable site!
I will happily be sharing on all my Social Media platforms
2024-01-17 21:17:49natalochka :
Дуже дякую , за можливість створювати діаграми. Це дуже легко роботи, успіхів вам в подальшому.
2024-01-15 09:59:45dowsing_lilli_2024 :
The perfect Software I was looking for.
Appreciate your genius creation which facilitate the work of many like me.
Thank you for your fantastic work.
2024-01-09 20:06:09Victoria Heath :
A huge thank you for this most valuable of esoteric resources. How refreshing to know this wealth of wisdom is here to aid our growth and stability within the chaos of the modern world. With much gratitude to the team from us all at Ravenwood.
With much gratitude to the universe for our beautiful planet and our spiritual guidance, may we endeavor to deserve them both.
2024-01-07 15:53:29Anneke2022 :
Thank you for this great site that makes it possible to make Pendulum cards yourself.
I use the site to make cards for my students who I train to become more practical in SRT.
I always pass on your site to my students to encourage them to make their own cards.
Again thanks a lot
2024-01-04 00:52:58Chantelle Sultana :
So much gratitude. What a blessing and such great help this site it. Many blessings to you
2024-01-02 03:57:42Elizabeth :
Thank you for this amazing page
2023-12-28 00:18:12MommaRose76 :
I just found your site today and wanted to thank you for providing such helpful charts! Blessed be!
2023-12-26 16:46:29Mylène Coste Wilks :
Great website, lots of original charts. Thank you very much for making them available to all.
2023-12-23 03:33:20Jim :
You are a scarce commodity in this greedy world.
As soon as I can, I will make a small donation to assist you in your wonderful work.

I had been creating my own charts for healing, by hand or with a paint program, but it was laborious and very time consuming and they lacked a consistent style.
Your program creates excellent charts in a minute, whereas it used to take me 10 t o15 minutes per chart.
God bless you!
Best regards,
2023-12-21 21:40:02Samantha :
Thank you so much for helping me enhance my intuition
2023-12-21 10:33:56Joanna :
Thank you
2023-12-21 10:30:09jodance13 :
I’m so grateful for those charts Thank you
2023-12-20 09:45:04jodance13 :
I'm so grateful for those charts I could create because of the
Love it
Thank you
2023-12-17 06:38:16Monica :
The best. Thank You
2023-12-16 13:08:09Ellen :
I am intellectual, but I am just learning about dousing. Thank you for your support.
2023-12-13 21:02:11Ka :
Thank you for the amazing site ✨✨✨✨
2023-12-12 08:50:22karki_neetu :
Thank You So Much For Creating This Platform, its so Informative & Helpful For our Practicing Gratitude to Universe That I stumbled upon this website
2023-12-09 22:36:35Toni :
Thank you for what you do!
2023-12-09 20:28:59Marian :
From a dowsing practitioner in Romania
Many congratulations and many thanks for the help found on this site.
Happy celebrations!
2023-12-09 04:22:20Aries :
That’s a wonderful site!
2023-12-07 00:49:08Linda P. :
This is an amazing site, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ability to use it!
2023-12-01 04:42:23Mary Hastie :
Just found your website, thank you 😊
2023-11-27 12:27:08Christiane :
Hey, hey, I like to thank you for your wonderful site.
2023-11-12 08:44:26Lou :
I have just found your wonderful website.
Thank you so much for your generosity in making it available and sharing it with us.
2023-10-23 13:25:49Ashleigh :
I'm extremely grateful for all that you do to promote a Spiritual environment where we are learning to develop our Psychic Abilities....

With gratitude
2023-10-21 18:30:59Mathew :
Greetings! Thank you for this amazing resourceful website.
I use it to almost daily.