Why am i tired?

Why am i tired?

Is my issue on this chart? What is the primary reason why I feel tired?
Is there a secondary reason? Yes/No, then check.

Classified in : Health Care

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Group     Not Enough or Too Much Sleep
     Unresolved Emotion(s)
     Not Enough or Too Much Exercise
     Too Much or Not Enough Sugar in Diet
     Doing Too Much or Not Enough
     Structural Imbalance in the Body
     Environmental Stressor(s)
     Nutrition (Too much or not enough of)
     Energetic Imbalance
     Genetic or Generational Issue
     Hormone imbalance
     Physical Pain
     Life Change Stress
     Underlying Medical Condition
     Body Weight Imbalance

Shared dowsing chart by DanM, the 06/28/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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