Causes of Higher Chakra Blocks

Causes of Higher Chakra Blocks

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Group     Lack of compassion
     Overly empathic
     Unable to receive love
     Unwilling to be vulnerable
     Holding a grudge
     Resists joy
     Lack of acceptance
     Difficulty being grateful
     Unable to be optimistic
     Resists generosity
     Holding onto expectations
     Attachment issues
     Unable to see the Divine within
     Repressed communication
     Lack of self-expression
     Not in touch with purpose
     Resists personal integrity
     Lack of creativity
     Creative block
     Lacks authenticity
     Overly questioning
     Overly open 3rd eye
     Not connected with intuition
     Repressed imagination
     Not paying attention to dreams
     Lacks mental clarity
     Forgets connection to Source
     Lacks concentration/focus
     Not connecting with guides
     Lacks faith
     Resists new ideas
     Sees separation
     Not open to receiving help
     Lacks mindfulness
     Unaware of ego

Shared dowsing chart by parita, the 02/27/2020 - licence CC0

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