Chakra Healing Tips

Chakra Healing Tips

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Group     Embrace stillness
     Let go of multitasking
     Connect with Earth energy
     Engage with your community
     Spend time with loved ones
     Massage your body with love
     Clear your aura with salt baths
     Walk barefoot on grass
     Jump, dance and play
     Take a long walk
     Clean up your diet
     Journal feelings
     Make time for creativity
     Pursue pleasure
     Salt bath or swim
     Moon bathe
     Vigorous exercise
     Create boundaries
     Sun bathe
     Small acts of kindness
     Express gratitude
     Speak outloud to yourself
     Listen to others with presence
     Journal dreams
     Electronic sabbath
     Explore learning
     Practice mindfulness
     Yoga Nidra
     Pursue spiritual studies
     Sound healing/Music

Shared dowsing chart by parita, the 02/27/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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