Personal spirit health checklist

Personal spirit health checklist

The checklist is for those who have been made whole, and this is a basic list for routine checkup of spiritual health status henceforth, as this things happen easily.

Classified in : Dowsing Health Care

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Group     1
New group 1     Aura Shield Integrity
     Earthbound Souls
     Energetic Chords
     Energetic Hooks
     Emotional Issues
     Fragmented Soul
     Geographical Stress
     Negative Environment
     Negative Intent
     Soul Loss
     Spirits trying to Communicate
     Spirits Possession
     Unbalanced Chakras
New group 2     Seek healing
     Seek expulsion
     Renew the mind
     Seek healing
     Be unique
     Seek healing
     Seek expulsion
     Seek healing

Shared dowsing chart by Chris_Bothma, the 08/17/2021 -  licence CC0

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