4 levels of Being

4 levels of Being

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New group 1     Yoga
     Any movement
     Hug tree
     Sit / walk
     Sage/Singing Bowl
     Portal/Spirit/Entity clear
     Crystal Grid
     New Connections
     Control Dramas
     Dcode/Massage etc
     Essential Oil
     Body System
     Visual Meditation
     Journal / list
     Music / Paint / Create
     Adventure / Travel
     New experience / Friend / Group
     Mentor / Coach
     Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
     Art / Music
     Clearing Statements
     Ancestor -MotherL/FatherL
     Current life
     Akashic past life
     Galactic life
     Work / Bosses
     Teachers / Mentors
     Men / Women / other
     Family / Parents / Siblings
     Clap / Shake
     Snap / Yawn / Stomp
     Physical clear
     Akashic / Galactic
     Clearing Statements
     Return to Sender wCA
     Return to Source wLessons learnt
     Psychic attach
     Past life
     Animal Spirit
     Spirit guide / Angel / Ascended M
     Higher Self
     Zero Point
     Bio Mimetric Mimicry
     Mother/ Father/ Current
     Entity / Psychic Attach
     Portal / Vortex
     Curse / Contract
     Current life
     Implants/ Transponders
Group     Exercise
     Clear Space
     High Tech
New group 2     Body

Shared dowsing chart by Birdoflight, the 02/28/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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