Metaphysical professions

Metaphysical professions

Metaphysical jobs

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Group     Acupuncturist
     Ayurvedic practitioner/Doctor
     Crystal healer/chakra healer
     Homeopathic practitioner/doctor
     Massage therapist
     Naturopathic practitioner/doctor
     Reiki healer/practitioner
     Sound healer/therapist
     Spiritual life/business coach
     Martial arts instructor
     Meditation instructor
     Spiritual philosopher
     Tantric teacher
     Yoga instructor
     Aura photographer
     Candle maker
     Henna artist
     Organic beauty product maker
     Organic farmer
     Spiritual fashion designer
     Spiritual jewelry maker
     Talisman maker
     Tattoo artist
     Dream interpreter
     Lucid Dreamer instructor
     Feng Shui practitioner
     Neuro linguistic programmer
     Palm reader
     Paranormal investigator
     Psychic crime investigator
     Tarot card reader
     Spiritual speaker
     Podcast host
     Spiritual bookstore owner
     Spiritual Speaker

Shared dowsing chart by clawrence711, the 04/30/2022 -  Licence CC BY

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