Create a turbo-powered pendulum

Create a turbo-powered pendulum

Helps you scry your most stunning pendulum ever, catered precisely to your personal requirements. Begin asking "what's the most important metric for my pendulum?" Use number system and 'drill down'. Expect surprises.

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TITLE - pendulum body materials     8 . P E N D U L U M B O D Y M A T E R I A L S
Pendulum body materials     Agate
     Black Onyx
     Dragon Blood
     Jasper Pictr
     Jasper Red
     Lapis Lazuli
     Quartz Nat'l
     Quartz Other
     Tiger eye
     SIMILAR 2
TITLE - Shape, Colour, Type     5 . S H A P E 6 . C O L O U R
     7 . T Y P E
Shape, Colour, Type     Arrow
     Raw Organic
     Tear Drop
     Dble Ended
     Graphic Numeric
     Multi faceted
     SIMILAR 2
TITLE - Suspension Materials     4 . S U S P E N S I O N M A T E R I A L S
Suspension materials     Beaded Chakra
     Beaded Other
     Chain Link Even
     Chain Link Uneven
     Chain Link Ball
     Cotton Thread
     Cord Braid
     Fishing Line
     Leather Strip
     Necklace (Double)
     Organic Other
     Plastic Link
     Stone Chips
     String Utility
     Wool Ball Yarn
     SIMILAR 2

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Pendulum Time Chart

Ask your guides/energy to be with you Set your intention/ask your “show me” question Hold your pendulum in your right hand over the centre of the mat Ask your question Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings The pendulum will swing towards one of the answer written on the mat Give thanks to your guides/energy Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

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