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Time - Day of Month

To determine day in month.


May be used for diet testing anything for it's positve or negative effects.

Chart of Hours

For any request concerning day or night hours

Life Areas

Dowse to know which area needs improvement.


Whole, decimals 0.1-1000

Resonant Color (Chakra)

Identify Your Resonant Color (Chakra) According to chromotherapy, each of us has a particular color to which our true self resonates. You can use a pendulum to determine what your resonant color is. The one that produces the largest "yes" is your resonant color. Or you can determine which color your energy is lacking or deficient in. Before beginning, be sure to state the source of your pendulum's answers.

Time Measurement Chart

From outer : Minutes, Weeks, Days, Hours, Months

Countries of South America

Lis of South America Countries

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