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General Dowsing Chart

W = incorrect Wording - - - - - - - - - N = information Not available C = Change to different subject - - A = other informations Available I = Incomplete question - - - - - - - - R = Red flag danger

Time of day

Use to ascertain the time of day

Yes / No / Maybe

A chart for Yes / No and percentage questions


Chart for determination of correct gemstones for wearing or healing

Bovis chart 36K

Bovis dowsing for therapist

Nutrient Levels

Use this chart when asking your body about levels of specific vitamins and minerals


This chart can hopefully help seeing whether a new person/ friend would be honest to you.

Cooking Measurements

This chart is used when creating recipes. It is a much better and faster way to come up with accurate measurements instead of experimenting


Color needed for the day

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