Higher self dialogue

Higher self dialogue

Basic dialogue with our Higher Self to maintain a healthy relationship, which is the primary requisite in our lives.

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New group 1     Aggression alert
     Be conscious of your Higher Self
     Chakra blocks alert
     Deception alert
     Impersonation case
     Interference case
     Lack of consideration
     Lack of sensitivity
     Lack of unity
     Lodging within discomfort
     Please maintain healthiness
     Poor enthusiasm from you
     Resonance issue
     Reassociation required
     Resonance severed by Darkside
     We are One reminder
     You're too emotional
     Darkness Source
     Not permitted
     Not good
     Not a good idea
     N O
     Duly appreciated
     T H A N K Y O U
     Most grateful
     Y E S
     Good idea
     Light source
     Allergens alert
     Consultation requested
     Dehydration alert
     Emotional disorder
     Have compassion
     Longing for you
     Misplaced, not intended
     Please build on friendship
     Request blessings
     Request comfort
     Request enlightenment
     Request financial blessings
     Request psychic protection
     Request physical healing
     Request protection
     Request spiritual healing
     Maintain positivity

Shared dowsing chart by Chris_Bothma, the 10/18/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Persons in your life


Guidance and instructions for Spiritual Healers and practitioners, as we are often under attack from the Darkside, followed by mind-wipes.

Self affirmation

There are moments when we feel as though our lives are caving in and we aren’t fulfilling our potential. Maybe we’re falling behind at work or we’re not being the best friend, parent, or partner we could be. A Self-Affirmation Chart can be a love letter from the Divine when you’re not feeling your best.

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