Guidance and instructions for Spiritual Healers and practitioners, as we are often under attack from the Darkside, followed by mind-wipes.

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New group 1     Absurdity case
     Affliction case
     Allergens infliction case
     Appearances deception
     Bewitchment case
     Chakra blocks case
     Darkside-bonding case
     Desynchronisation case
     Disorientation case
     Disassociation case
     Dissonance case
     Dumping-down case
     Emotional scarring case
     Energetic extortion case
     Hindrance case
     Ignorance-abuse case
     Impersonation case
     Infiltration case
     Independence prompt
     Integrity undermined
     Irreverence case
     Keyed-up spirit case
     Looking-forward case
     Malevolence induction case
     Misleading case
     Mind-wipe case
     Negative soul-ties case
     Non-spiritual assault
     Personal corruption case
     Phobic infliction case
     Physical infliction case
     Possessions case
     Privacy concern
     Psychic assault
     Self-confidence undermined
     Sexual arrangement case
     Speech-inversion case
     Spirit fractured case
     Spirit splintered case
     Spiritual afflictions case
     Spiritual assault case
     Spiritual curses case
     Spiritual susceptibility case
     Transcription case
     Tinnitus case
     Torture case
     Triggers case
     Unsolicited Darkside pact case
     Vibrations blocking case
     Witchcraft case

Shared dowsing chart by Chris_Bothma, the 04/30/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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