Messages from a twin flame

Messages from a twin flame

If you are apart...

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Group     I did not expect to fall in love... But I did
     I am sorry I hurt you...
     I want to contact you, but I am scared you might reject me
     I saw you, I want to talk to you, but I am scared
     I am thinking of you 24/7
     I thought of you today
     I miss you like crazy
     I spy on you like a desperate stalker
     I can't let go of you
     I was just trying to make you jealous to see if you cared
     I crave ONLY your body, I can't wait to have you again
     I want you in my life
     I shall return to you soon
     I was wrong, but I will never admit it
     Leaving you was a BIG mistake and I regret it
     Be Patient !!! I'm taking care of me right now

Shared dowsing chart by emahoney, the 10/05/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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