Benevolent souls

Benevolent souls

Knowing the souls that surround us, that guide and accompany us

Translation from @Lechercheur2019

Classified in : Subtle world

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Groupe     father
     grand father
     grand mother
     cousin (male)
     cousin (female)
     paternal line ancestor
     maternal line ancestor
     childhood acquaintance
     benevolent stranger
     soul met on the other side
     friend (male)
     friend (female)
     spiritual master

Shared dowsing chart by yannickevenas, the 07/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

To discover


Persons in your life

Identify guides

Use this to learn about which guide might be communicating with you.


Determine the entity you encounter

Deity dialogue

Updated the heading of the chart to make it gender neutral. This chart was refined based on experience and instructions from the Deity. Where you see "Request...", the Deity is asking you to ask her/him to protect/heal/transmute, bless you, etc.

Seven Archangels

A chart to ask the Archangels to share their Wisdom & Grace

Identify Guides

Learn which Guide might be communicating with you. Using letters you can ask their name. Using the numbers you can ask from what year you know them, or how many past lives are they from.

Subtil offers a biometer generator and a space to share dowsing charts.

All the charts available on the site can be downloaded and printed

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