Alien Races

Alien Races

According to indigenous elders, there are 68 Star Races involved on Earth. I know only these, but welcome more input from others. Light violet are aligned with the planetary evolutionary agreement; dark violet are Galactic Federation, here to support the evolution.

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Group     Alpha Draconians from Alpha Centauri
     Anasazi from Pleiades
     Andromedians from Andromeda
     Annunaki aka Nephilim
     Arcturians from Arcturian star system
     Blue Race (Blue Avians) from Orion
     Greys from Zeta Reticuli
     Hathors from Venus
     Human Aliens-Type A Alien consciousness born in human body
     Human Aliens-Type B Humans with cosmic memory intact
     Human Aliens-Type C Alien consciousness enters human form, walk-in
     Lyran from Lyra
     Martians from Mars
     MIB (Men in Black) Human/alien hybrids
     Nagas Evolved ancestors of reptilians
     Nordics from Pleiades or Venus
     Orions from Orion via Vega or Sirius
     Philadelphia Project Aliens
     Pleiadians from Pleiades via Avalon or Lyra
     Reptilians-Chameleon, Draco from Orion
     Reptilians-Draco, Draconian Serpent aka Illuminati
     Shining Ones (Elohim)
     Sirian Humans-1 African/Egyptian from Sirius (the Dogstar)
     Sirian Humans-2 Stonehenge/Americas from Sirius (the Dogstar)
     Vegans from Vega

Shared dowsing chart by Thunderbird33, the 11/19/2019 -  Licence CC BY

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