Cosmic races 2

Updated the charts to include Benevolent and Malevolent types.

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Percentage     MALEVOLENT
Alien Races     Bigfoot (from Maldek)
     Reptilians-Draco, Draconian Serpent aka Illuminati
     Shining Ones (Elohim-Annunaki) from Aldebaran
     Sirian Humans-1 African/Egyptian from Sirius (the Dogstar)
     Sirian Humans-2 Stonehenge/Americas from Sirius (the Dogstar)
     Sirian from Procyon (Canis Minoris)
     Aldebaran from Taurus (Lyra descendants)
     Akartian from Sextans star system
     Antarian (Parallel universe)
     Antaran from Antares (Orion)
     Apollonian from Pleiades
     Betelgeuse (Large-nosed Greys) from Betelgeuse or Orion
     Capellian from Capella or Auriga (peaceful Reptilians)
     Centaurian (Centaurus Constellation)
     Cygnusian from Deneb Cygnus constellation (Andromeda)
     Epsilon Eridanian
     Essasani Greys from Orion (Zeta descendants)
     Founder (etheric beings, builders)
     Greys from Orion
     Korendian from Korendor/Bootes (Arcturian descendants)
     Largan from Iarga
     Nommo (Merpeople) from Sirius and other places
     Octorian (Parallel universe)
     Pegasian from Pegasus Constellation (Lyra descendants)
     Santinian from Centauri A (Proxima III)
     Ummites from Ummo/Virgo (Lyra descendants)
     Vegans from Vega
     Venetian or Venusian from Venus (Lyra descendants)

Shared dowsing chart by Chris_Bothma, the 01/24/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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