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New group 1     Aquatic races
     Advanced dimensions
     Angelic cities
     Bewitched Individual
     Cosmic Beings
     Darkside Abominations
     Darkside Ageless
     Darkside Disrespectfuls
     Darkside Extraterrestrials
     Darkside Gods
     Darkside Insectoids
     Darkside Loyals
     Darkside Military
     Darkside Reptilians
     Darkside States
     Darkside Therianthropes
     Darkside Transcribed
     Dead Zone
     Deceiving spirits
     Divine Source
     Fractured selves
     Inter-dimensional Beings
     Inner worlds
     Lake of Fire
     Local Angelic city
     Local races
     Local universe
     Masculine Collective
     Micro races
     Micro universes
     Multi dimensions
     One of the Hells
     Primary dimensions
     Refer Sexuality type chart
     Righteous States
     Senior dimensions
     Space between spaces
     Spirit Animal Collective
     The Beyond
     The Coalition of Planets
     The Council of the 77777
     The Faithful Proud
     The Faithful Sages
     The Faithful Solemns
     The Faithful Tolerances
     The Fort(s)
     The Galatic Federation
     The Genii Confederation
     The Gratitudes
     The Intergalactic Representative
     The Light
     The Loyals
     The Perfect Masculines
     The Pit
     The Romulan Star Empire
     The United Federation of Planets
     The Void
     Therianthrope races
     The transcribed

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 11/21/2022 -  Licence CC BY

To discover

Alien Races

According to indigenous elders, there are 68 Star Races involved on Earth. I know only these, but welcome more input from others. Light violet are aligned with the planetary evolutionary agreement; dark violet are Galactic Federation, here to support the evolution.

Identify guides or loved ones

Use this to learn about Spirit Guides or Loved Ones on the Other Side


Persons in your life


A chart to identify the Archangels to call on their Wisdom & Grace

Angelic pre-dowse & status

The chart was updated based on our communication with our personal Archangel. Use the chart to determine your status prior to and during dowsing for accuracy.

Subtil offers a biometer generator and a space to share dowsing charts.

All the charts available on the site can be freely downloaded and printed

💙 Thanks to all users for this wonderful comm'one!

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