Archangel spiritual healing request - 2

Archangel spiritual healing request - 2

A checklist for receiving instructions from our personal Archangel to make spiritual healing requests for others.

Classified in : Subtle world

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New group 1     1
Group     Complete spiritual healing
     Aura - fragmented
     Aura - punctured
     Aura - raptured
     Aura - ripped
     Aura - torn
     Benevolent spirit possession
     Chakra imbalance
     Demonic possession
     Earth elemental possession
     Earthbound souls possession
     Bipolar disorder
     Emotional scars
     Energetic attachments
     Energetic chords
     Energetic debris
     Energetic hooks
     Energetic sludge
     Energetic stagnancy
     Extraterrestrial chords
     Generational curse
     Geographical stress
     Military trauma
     Mood disorder
     Multiple personality disorder
     Obsessive-compulsive disorder
     Occultic spells
     Panic disorder
     Past life/lives trauma
     Post traumatic stress disorder
     Psychotic disorder
     Relationship trauma
     Soul & body meld
     Soul fragmentation
     Soul loss
     Wounded soul

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 08/17/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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