Communication with guides

Communication with guides

Which guide might be you be communicating with?

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Numeral     0
Alphabet     A
Y M P G TITLE     1. Y O U R D I V I N E P O W E R G U I D E S
11 main guides     LIFE GUIDE /GUARDIAN ANGEL
Guide Notes     Th Principal. Ur lifelong High Vibe companion
     Events Manager of your life blueprint
     All modes personal bodyguard
     Ur artistic genius Da Vinci
     Heavenly Library Fac bouncer
     Strict master life Uni. professor
     Ur Positive cute, playful inner child
     All season Medico, dedicated modest kind
     Power animal ascended master, protect U. ground U
     Specific task maxi intel advisor [On Call]
     A [long?] passed dear family member
Other Beings title     2. O T H E R P O S S I B L E C O N N E C T S

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Identify guides

Use this to learn about which guide might be communicating with you.


Persons in your life

Alien Races

According to indigenous elders, there are 68 Star Races involved on Earth. I know only these, but welcome more input from others. Light violet are aligned with the planetary evolutionary agreement; dark violet are Galactic Federation, here to support the evolution.

Identify guides or loved ones

Use this to learn about Spirit Guides or Loved Ones on the Other Side

Spirit Animals

What is your Spirit Animal?

Subtil offers a biometer generator and a space to share dowsing charts.

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