Cosmic authoritarians

Cosmic authoritarians

Classified in : Subtle world

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New group 1     Immortals
     Dartmouth Greens
     Cyber Yellows
     Reds (RYB)
     YlnMn Blues
     Uranian Blues
     Morning Blues
     Egyptian Blues
     Chili Reds
     Celtic Blues
     Dark Clarets
     Nadeshiko Pinks
     Oranges (web)
     Medium Carmines
     Light Pears
     Papaya Whips
     Paolo Veronese Greens
     Purples (web)
     Palatinate Purples
     Orange-reds (Crayola)
     Pearly Purples
     Pink Sherbets
     Floral Whites
     Fiery Roses
     Gold Fusions
     Maya Blues
     Medium Blues
     Granite Grays

Shared dowsing chart by The_Prophet, the 09/23/2022 -  Licence CC BY

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