Psychological conditions-negative

Psychological conditions-negative

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Factors     Aggression 90.9720
     Anger 30.78
     Anxiety. 90.769
     Apprehension. 20.335
     Callousness. 30.3333
     Claustrophobia. 70.997
     Confusion. 70.625
     Deceitfulness. 70.442
     Delirium Tremens. 40.40049
     Depression. 60.757
     Despondency. 10.852
     Diffidence. 20.4334
     Disappointment. 50.4322
     Discontentment. 40.251
     Dislike. 10.372
     Dislike of being touched. 90.63
     Disquietude. 40.298
     Dissatisfaction. 50.342
     Embittered. 80.332
     Emotional state. 30.469
     Excitability. 20.364
     Fear. 50.627
     Frustration. 40.2213
     Greed. 30.714
     Grief. 50.263
     Guilt 80.534
     Hate. 80.93
     Hopelessness. 10.122
     Hypersensitivity. 20.9378
     Inferiority complex. 40.534
     Inflexibility. 30.2637
     Inhibition. 60.499
     Intolerance. 20.221
     Irritability. 30.532
     Jealousy. 50.243
     Lack of confidence. 10.617
     Lack of Humour 50.3221
     Lack of initiative. 70.2191
     Malice. 30.341
     Meanness. 40.211
     Melancholia. 10.976
     Mental deficiency. 40.3322
     Mental inertia. 50.347
     Mistrustfulness. 50.332
     Nervous tension. 10.583
     Obstinacy. 90.087
     Religious mania. 60.1326
     Remorse. 70.637
     Resentment. 40.311
     Restlessness. 60.659
     Sadness. 70.419
     Secretiveness. 30.8613
     Self indulgence. 30.131
     Selfishness. 90.43
     Self pity. 70.38
     Self willed. 30.2356
     Shock. 10.10.4
     Shock-pre natal. 100.610.
     Shyness. 70.37
     Spitefulness. 80.245
     Superiority complex. 40.335
     Tearfulness. 70.428
     Temper. 60.628
     Tenseness. 50.783
     Terror. 40.3425
     Thoughtlessness. 40.421
     Unrequited love. 40.10.7
     Vacillation. 10.245
     Vanity. 50.413
     Wish to die. 40.792
     Worry. 10.853

Shared dowsing chart by Humayun, the 06/22/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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