Resistance to Doing / Being / Feeling

Resistance to Doing / Being / Feeling

Dowse or Muscle Test Your Resistance Levels

Classified in : Dowsing Health Care

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Resistance to Doing     Exercising
     Eating For Health
     Starting & Completing Chores
     Starting & Completing Taxes
     Starting & Completing Tasks @ Home
     Starting & Completing Tasks @ Work
     Meditation & Mindfulness
     Showing My True Self
     Resistance To Doing
     The Right Thing
     Reading Scriptures
     Reading for Pleasure
     Physical Activity
     Spiritual Activity
Resistance to Being     Successful
     A Winner
     A Loser
     A Doer
     Resistance to Being
Resistance to Feeling     Sad
     Resistance to Feeling
     Pissed Off
Light Shading Circle     

Shared dowsing chart by ksperanza, the 01/27/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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