Positive future

Positive future

What is already recorded in the future of your soul

Translation from @superdiam

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Nouveau groupe 1     Total recovery
     Social success
     Partial recovery
     Legacy, Inheritance
     Excellent physical health
     Total release
     Excellent mental health
     Meet soul mate
     Romantic encounter
     Divine protection
     Return of spouse
     New location
     Real estate purchase
     Real estate sale
     spiritual realization
     Passing the exam
     New job
     Salary increase
     Lawsuit won
     Permanent hiring
     More spiritual encounters
     Positive move
     Gambling winnings
     Loan granted
     Land purchase
     House purchase
     House building
     Revenue increase
     Great friendship
Nouveau groupe 2

Shared dowsing chart by yannickevenas, the 07/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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