Themes and Qualities

Themes and Qualities

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Group     Abuse - Justice
     Persecution - Freedom
     Corruption - Power
     Discrimination - Equality
     Judgement - Compassion
     Temptation - Restraint
     Chaos - Harmony
     Sacrifice - Obligation
     Competition - Cooperation
     Conflict - Resolution
     Manipulation - Impact
     Dis-ease - Wellbeing
     Trauma - Healing
     Resentment - Forgiveness
     Blame - Responsibility
     Denial - Truth
     Fear - Courage
     Adversity - Resilience
     Limitation - Empowerment
     Resistance - Patience
     Scarcity - Abundance
     Failure - Success
     Status - Recognition
     Excess - Moderation
     Work - Play
     Tradition - Unconventionality
     Obedience - Loyalty
     Rejection - Acceptance
     Loneliness - Connection
     Isolation - Community
     Socialization - Individuality
     Estrangement - Reconciliation
     Codependency - Independence
     Compromise - Integrity
     Vulnerability - Intimacy
     Imitation - Authenticity
     Logic - Intuition
     Deceit - Discernment
     Inadequacy - Competence
     Procrastination - Discipline
     Knowledge - Wisdom
     Learning - Teaching
     Imagination - Creation
     Disillusionment - Hope
     Pride - Respect
     Stability - Fulfilment
     Mistakes - Growth
     Gratification - Reward
     Opportunity - Choice
     Control - Surrender
     Struggle - Ease
     Doubt - Faith
     Acknowledgement - Gratitude
     Unconsciousness - Consciousness
     Catalyst - Awakening
     Preservation - Service
     Possibilities - Miracles
     Change - Transformation
     Interferences - Protection
     Partnership - Union
     Death - Beginning
     Contribution - Legacy
     Fate - Destiny
     Conditionality - Love

Shared dowsing chart by Trannessa, the 06/29/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Pendulum Time Chart

Ask your guides/energy to be with you Set your intention/ask your “show me” question Hold your pendulum in your right hand over the centre of the mat Ask your question Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings The pendulum will swing towards one of the answer written on the mat Give thanks to your guides/energy Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use


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Find Lost Items

To help find lost, miss placed or stolen items.

Psychic abilities

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