Heal, Balance & Raise Energies

Heal, Balance & Raise Energies

Ways To Heal, Balance & Raise Energy

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Group     Guided Meditation
     Breathing Meditation
     Hemisync & Binaural Meditation
     Crystal Healing
     Spend Time in Nature
     Spirit Assistances
     Shadow Work
     Pranic Healing
     Quantum Healing
     Qigong Therapy
     Aura Cleanse
     Get Grounded
     Take Psychic Class
     Dream Journaling
     Healing Ritual
     Salt Soak Bath
     Change Diet
     Eliminate Alcohol and Toxins
     Create a Mantra
     Consume High-Vibe Music
     Act of Kindness
     Stay Positive
     Practice Gratitude
     Practice mindfulness
     Focus On The Daily Joys
     Technology Detox
     Arts & Crafts
     Animal Medicine
     Flower Energy
     Water Energy
     Sun Energy
     Colour Therapy
     Essential Oils
     Sage & Incense
     Uplift Your Surroundings
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Shared dowsing chart by JocelynTexter, the 05/07/2021 -  licence CC0

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