Energy Draining Entities

Energy Draining Entities

Classified in : Health Care

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Group     Addictions (any kind)
     Believing Deceptions
     Believing Lies as Truth
     Contracts with the Dark Forces
     Cords with people
     Dark ET's - Reptilians, Greys
     Dark Portals
     Dark Spirit Entities
     Demons in human incarnation
     Demons / Dark Energy Beings
     Disbelieving Truth
     Doors in energy field
     Energy / Psychic Vampires
     ET implants
     Fallen Angels
     Fear Based Paradigms
     Inner Child / Soul Parts / Exiles
     Negative Programming
     Negative Spirit Guides
     Negative Thought Programs
     Power Based Relationships
     Psychic Cords -Mental
     Sleep Disturbance
     Spells, Curses, Hexes
     Spirits of Deceased / Ghosts
     Stolen Soul Parts by Entities

Shared dowsing chart by Mavrikmanna, the 02/10/2020 - licence CC0

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