The colors of the wheel 8 - 12 & 13

The colors of the wheel 8 - 12 & 13

The colors 8 - 12 Represent the lessons we have to learn and our hidden skills; once we have learned our lessons well, they become our gifts and skills. Each of these colors relates to one of our senses.

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Numbers     The 8th Color: Of Our Most Important Lesson
     The 9th Color: Of Lesson of Practical & Spiritual Respect
     The 10th Color: The Lesson Of Knowing Truth
     The 11th Color: A sensory & Extrasensory perception of the truth
     The 12th Color: Finding Our Calling
     The 13th Color: The Center - The Border
New group 2     Pink

Shared dowsing chart by Scarter1994, the 01/24/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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