Quadrant conditions

Quadrant conditions

A chart for identifying blocks that prevent Lightbeings (our guides) providing help.

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New group 1     10%
New group 2     Internal spirit team
     External spirit team
     Healing spirit team
     Temporary spirit team
Group     False/hidden guides
     Guide with low ascension score
     Not asking/refusing guides help
     Contract / vow needs neutralising
     Curse / hex
     Lightbeing requires help
     Message being delivered
     Emotionally unready
     Need additional team members
     A lesson needs completing
     Team issues
     More protection required

Shared dowsing chart by Well-being Energetics, the 08/28/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Updated the heading of the chart to make it gender neutral. This chart was refined based on experience and instructions from the Deity. Where you see "Request...", the Deity is asking you to ask her/him to protect/heal/transmute, bless you, etc.

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