Actions for spiritual protection

Actions for spiritual protection

Actions required for spiritual protection

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Group     Remove & clear
     Add spirit team memeber
     Add specialist team member
     Human practitioner required
     Exorcise demon
     Upgrade spirit team
     Prayer (lost team)
     Activate morphic field
     Connect & align
     Raise vibrational frequency
     Raise consciousness
     Increase level of love
     Ask for light teams help
     Prayer (God/karmic board)
     Receive lesson/notification
     Dissolve cords/hooks/ties
     Harmonise work
     Harmonise famly
     Harmonise friends
     Get night protection
     Get day protection
     Protect team connections

Shared dowsing chart by Well-being Energetics, the 09/19/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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