Bewitching spells, enchantments & strikes

Bewitching spells, enchantments & strikes

Identify the spells that are affecting you.

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New group 1     Consciousness interference
     Emotional insecurity
     Guilty conciousness
     Harm to aura
     Ignorance of Divine within
     Ignorance of spirituality
     Lack of self expression
     Lateral prefonal cortex disorder
     Negative emotions
     Psychological insecurity
     Sacral chakra blockage
     Solar plexus chakra blockage
     Heart chakra blockage
     Throat chakra blockage
     Abiphobia (Fear of fathers)

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 12/28/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Psychic abilities

Updated the chart once again to include "Magician".

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How to find which archetype you are.

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