Spinal Blockages Gateway #3

Spinal Blockages Gateway #3

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Group     Low Energy
     Spaciness , Dizziness
     Memory Issues ,Brain Fog
     Headaches, Migraines
     Cold. Flu, Earaches , Tinnitus
     TMJ, Sinus Problems
     Sleep Disorders , Snoring
     Learning Disorders
     Neck. Shoulder Or Arm Pain
     Sore Throats, Thyroid Issues
     Swollen Glands
     Food Sensitivities
     Tiredness after Eating
     Breathing Issues, Asthma
     Chest Pain , Heart Burn
     High and Low Blood Pressure
     Gas, Burping
     Trouble w, Fatty Foods , Indigestion
     Kidney and Bladder Problems
     Lower Back Pain
     Disc Problems
     Digestive and Reproductive Complaints
     Hip Issues, Groin Problems
     Knee Pain
     Nervous System Issues
     Neurological Disorders

Shared dowsing chart by Scarter1994, the 11/21/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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