Alaskan Flower Essences - Environmental Essences

Alaskan Flower Essences - Environmental Essences

Homeopathy and Essences .
Topic: Environmental Essences

Classified in : Naturopathy

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Group     1. Chalice Well Opening Up to the help of Angels
     2. Full Moon Reflection Self-Enlightenment
     3. Glacier River Letting go of the Past
     4. Greenland Icecap Purposeful Devotion
     5. Liard Hot Springs Purification & New Creation
     6. Northern Lights Changing the pattern in the heart
     7. Polar Ice Patience in time of Transition
     8. Portage Glacier Purification & New Animation
     9. Rainbow Glacier Opening up to the physical world
     10. Solstice Storm Letting go & becoming renewed
     11. Tidal Forces Flowing with the transition

Shared dowsing chart by AnnieFranny, the 07/04/2020 - licence CC0

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