Facial Muscles

Facial Muscles

Muscle Chart

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Group     Frontalis
     Temporalis Left
     Temporalis Right
     Depressr Superoilii
     Orbiclaris Oculi Left
     Orbiclaris Oculi Right
     Levator Labii Superioris Left
     Levator Labii Superioris Right
     Depessor Septi
     Levator Anguli Oris Left
     Levator Anguli Oris Right
     Zygomaticus Minor Left
     Zygomaticus Minor Right
     Zygomaticus Major Left
     Zygomaticus Major Right
     Risorius Left
     Risorius Right
     Masseter Left
     Masseter Right
     Orbicularis Oris
     Depressor Anguli Oris Left
     Depressor Anguli Oris Right
     Mentalis Left
     Mentalis Right
     Platysma Left
     Platysma Right

Shared dowsing chart by Peaches0013, the 07/13/2020 -  licence CC0

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