Terapia Adecuada de Reiki

Terapia Adecuada de Reiki

Which Reiki technique should I use?

Classified in : Health Care

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Group     Gedoku Ho
     Genetsu Ho
     Hanshin Chiryo Ho
     Senshin Ketsueki Kokan Ho
     Hanshin Ketsueki Kokan Ho
     Kokyu Ho
     Hesso Chiryo Ho
     Oshite Chiryo Ho
     SeiHeKi Chiryo Ho
     Nadete Chiryo Ho
     Uchite Chiryo Ho
     Seikaku Kaizen Ho (Nentatsu)
     Tanden Chiryo Ho
     Koki Ho
     Gyoshi Ho
     Enkaku Ho

Shared dowsing chart by leticiaryo, the 10/02/2019 -  licence CC0

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