Medical medium suggestions

Medical medium suggestions

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New group 1     Burdock Root
     Hawthorne Berry Tincture
     Mullein Leaf
     Passionflower Tincture
     Red Clover
     Schisandra Berry
     Siberian Ginseng
     California Poppy
     Cilantro Tincture
     Kava Kava
     Lomatium Root
     Oregon Grape Extract
     Red Root
     Wild Cherry Bark
     Cranberry UTI support
     White Willow Feverfew
     Alpha Lipoic Acid
     B12 Methylcobalamin
     B12 Folate
     B-Complex Plus
     Calcium Magnesium
     Chromium Picolinate
     Coenzyme Q10
     D-Mannose Powder
     SAMe Cap
     Zine Cap
     Cordyceps Cs-4
     Butterbur Extra
     Kidney Cleanse
     Monolaurin (Nature's Life)
     Neuro-Mag (Life Extension)
     Pitaya-Dragonfruit Powder
     Pumpkin Seed Protein
     Red Marine Algae
     Silica - G5 Siliplant
     Silver Hydrosol
     SAMe Liquid
     Urinary Harmony
     Mullein Garlic oil Ear Drops

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