Destiny number

Destiny number

Identifying your destiny number

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New group 1     Leader
     Total Optimist
     Ultimate Manager
     Total Communicator
     Educator Mystic
     Successful Business Owner
     Magnetic Charismatic
Group     Destined for leadership role, independent, original, with a lot of initiative
     Level-headed and calm person. Peace-maker Excellent powers of persuasion
     Cheerful, bright, enthusiastic person Creative, great companion for partner or friends. Strong need to succeed
     Great organizational skills. Very efficient, methodical and systematic
     Needs variety and change in your life, Innate restlessness Low attention span Needs constant excitement and variety
     Perfectionist, always striving to achieve the best possible for yourself. Hard task master, with high expectations
     Loves to study everything, Research and work out fact from fantasy. mysterious, latent (or developed) psychic abilities.
     Thrives on responsibility, Needs to be in a position of authority and power. Needs recognition from others
     Fine appreciation for artistic things Tries to live life in a way that beautifies the world
     Often associated with television, films or journalism, in the public eye. Great communicator
     Magnetism that draws other people Centre of attention because of charming demeanour, practical, yet idealistic
New group 2     1

Shared dowsing chart by zakhelemb123, the 04/11/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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