Multi-dimensional interference

Multi-dimensional interference

energy-beings-forces involved with disturbing or interrupting the manifestation in the Field of Life .

Classified in : Health Care

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Group     Archons (Negative E.T.)
     Ancestral Entanglement
     Detrimental E.T. Implants or devices
     Miasma (disease form)
     Discarnate Spirit or Ghost
     Toxic Environment
     Gossip or evil speech
     Wrathful Angels
     Geopathic Stress
     Intrusive Elemental
     Sorcery (magick or spells)
     Egregore; Group Mind
     Legion (Many)
     Negative Timeline
     Karmic Backlash
     Cords coming in/going out
     Missing/Forgotten/Excluded Person
     Presence of Evil (Daemonium)
     Black Magic
     Secret in the Field
     Trauma Entity
     Negative Energetic Imprints
     Techno-Sorcery (neuroweapons)
     Negative Spirit Guides
     Habit of Oneself (Collapse)
     Bodies Out of Alignment
     Vows,Oaths, Contracts, Agreement,
     Etheric Crystals 5D

Shared dowsing chart by FaceofGod, the 01/24/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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