Cell salts quick reference

Cell salts quick reference

The 12 Tissue Salts

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New group 1     Bones, teeth, ligaments, veins, muscles
     Bones, teeth, muscles
     Blood, mucus membranes, skin (associated with the color yellow)
     Blood, muscles, saliva, mucus membranes (associated with the color white)
     Nerves, Brain, Muscles
     Mucus membranes, skin, lungs (associated with the color yellow)
     Muscles, nerves
     Mucus membranes, skin
     Stomach, intestines, joints
     Head, liver (associated with the color green)
     Bones, teeth, glands, hair, nails, skin, mucus membranes
Group     #1 Calc Fluor
     #2 Calc Phos
     #3 Calc Sulph
     #4 Ferr Phos
     #5 Kali Mur
     #6 Kali Phos
     #7 Kali Sulph
     #8 Mag Phos
     #9: Nat Mur
     #10: Nat Phos
     #11: Nat Sulph
     #12: Silicea/Silica
     check Vitamins
     check Minerals
     balanced via food
     check with doctor
     water/ dehydration

Shared dowsing chart by arianes, the 09/23/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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