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New group 1     Ashvini (K) Ashvins
     Bharani (V) Yama
     Krittika (Sun) Agni
     Rohini (Mo) Bramha
     Mrigashīrsha (Ma) Soma
     Ardra (R) Rudra
     Punarvasu (J) Aditi
     Pushya (Sat) Bṛhaspati
     Āshleshā (Me) Nagas
     Maghā (K) Pitras
     Pūrva Phalgunī (V) Bhaga
     Uttara Phalgunī (Sun) Aryaman
     Hasta (M0) Savitri
     Chitra (Ma) Vishvakarman
     Svati (R) Vayu
     Vishakha (J) Indra
     Anuradha (Sat) Mitra
     Jyeshtha (Me) Indra
     Mula (K) Nirrti
     Purva Ashadha (V) Apah- water
     Uttara Ashadha (Su) Visvedevas
     Shravana (Mo) Vishnu
     Dhanishta (Ma) Vasus
     Shatabhisha (R) Varuna
     Purva Bhadrapada (J) Ajaikapada
     Uttara Bhādrapadā (Sat) Ahirbudhnya
     Revati (Mer) Pushan
Group     Aries

Shared dowsing chart by Maek, the 02/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Higher self dialogue

Basic dialogue with our Higher Self to maintain a healthy relationship, which is the primary requisite in our lives.


Persons in your life

Angelic pre-dowse & status

The chart was updated based on our communication with our personal Archangel. Use the chart to determine your status prior to and during dowsing for accuracy.

Type of Light Worker

Identify the type of light worker

Angelic colours

The chart was created to determine the colours of the 81 Archangels in the other charts. There are only colour descriptions of a few Archangels.

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