15 Chakras:  Physical & Auric

15 Chakras: Physical & Auric

The chart can be used to locate blockages and which chakra to clear.

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Group     1 Root, Etheric
     2 Sacral, Emotional
     3 Solar Plexus, Mental
     4 Heart
     5 Throat
     6 Third Eye
     7 Crown, Causal, Ketheric
     8 Higher Heart, Seat of Soul
     9 Atomic Doorway, Monad
     10 Solar Star, Spiritual
     11 Galactic, Divine Knowledge
     12 Earth Star, Earth Grid
     13 Earth Core, Mother
     14 Universal Sun, Divine Plan
     15 Universal Source, Father

Shared dowsing chart by sandramcgill, the 08/17/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Peace with the past

Making peace with the past

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