Cause influencing now

Cause influencing now

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Group     Prarabdha - Karma Which Has Ripened
     Sanchita - Sum of Past Karmas (Stored)
     Agami - Forthcoming Karma
     Vartamana - Present Karma
     Planet - Ketu (South Node of Moon)
     Planet - Venus (Shukran)
     Planet - Sun (Adityan)
     Planet - Moon (Chandran)
     Planet - Mars (Mangal)
     Planet - Rahu (North Node)
     Planet - Jupiter (Guru)
     Planet - Saturn (Shani)
     Planet - Mercury (Budhan)
     Pitru Dosh (Forefathers)
     Vastu Direction - East
     Vastu Direction - West
     Vastu Direction - North
     Vastu Direction - South
     Vastu Direction - North-East
     Vastu Direction - North-West
     Vastu Direction - South-West
     Vastu Direction - South-East
     Self-Defeating Behaviour
     Psychic Attack
     Inner Will (Strength)
     Environmental Factors

Shared dowsing chart by RAJIVS, the 11/28/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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