31 Planes of existence

31 Planes of existence

31 Planes of existence according to buddhism

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Group     Hell
     Hungry ghosts
     Humans beings
     Devas of the four great
     33 gods
     Yama deva
     Contended devas
     Devas delighted in creation
     Devas with power of creation
     Retinue of brahma
     Minister of brahma
     Great brahma
     Devas of limited radiance
     Devas of unbounded radiance
     Devas of streaming radiance
     Devas of limited glory
     Devas of unbounded glory
     Devas of radiant glory
     Very fruitful deva
     Mindless deva
     Aviha deva(4th jhana)
     Untroubled devas
     Beautiful devas
     Clear sighted
     Peerless devas
     Sphere of infinite space
     Sphere of infinite consciousness
     Sphere of nothingness
     Sphere of Neither perception nor non perception

Shared dowsing chart by jain3vipul, the 10/18/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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