What to Clear Now

What to Clear Now

Establish which Category of thing is most in need of clearing right now.

Classified in : Health Care

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Group     Limiting Beliefs-dowse Category
     False Identity Beliefs-dowse specific
     Suppressed Emotion-dowse specific
     Repressed Emotion-dowse specific
     Physical Trauma
     Mental Trauma
     Emotional Trauma
     Non-beneficial Frequencies
     Absorbed Negative Energies
     Absorbed Negative Emotions
     A Blinspot-dowse specific
     A Grudge or Resentment
     A Fear-dowse specific
     Unquestioned Limitation-dowse specific
     Inherited Trauma

Shared dowsing chart by ThisizMe927, the 02/06/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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