Moon phase energy

Moon phase energy

The Moon Phase Energy Chart is a tool that provides insights into the different energies associated with each phase of the moon throughout its lunar cycle. It highlights the varying qualities and influences that can be harnessed during different phases, ranging from new beginnings and growth to reflection and release.

This chart serves as a reference guide for individuals interested in aligning their activities, intentions, and spiritual practices with the natural rhythms of the moon. By consulting the chart, practitioners can determine the most auspicious times for setting intentions, manifesting goals, letting go of old patterns, or engaging in inner work. Whether used for personal growth, manifestation rituals, or spiritual alignment, the Moon Phase Energy Chart offers valuable guidance for navigating life's journey in harmony with the lunar cycle.

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Group     New Moon - Setting Intentions
     Waxing Crescent - Growth and Expansion
     First Quarter - Overcoming Challenges
     Waxing Gibbous - Building Momentum
     Full Moon - Manifestation and Completion
     Waning Gibbous - Gratitude and Reflection
     Last Quarter - Release and Letting Go
     Waning Crescent - Rest and Rejuvenation
     Dark Moon - Inner Work and Shadow Integration
     Maiden Moon - New Beginnings
     Mother Moon - Nurturing and Fertility
     Crone Moon - Wisdom and Transformation
     Seed Moon - Planting Seeds of Intention
     Flower Moon - Blossoming and Growth
     Harvest Moon - Reaping Rewards
     Hunter's Moon - Seeking Balance and Harmony
     Cold Moon - Rest and Reflection
     Snow Moon - Cleansing and Purification
     Pink Moon - Emotional Healing and Love
     Blue Moon - Amplifying Energy and Magic
     Eclipse Moon - Powerful Transformation and Revelation
     Supermoon - Heightened Energy and Intuition
     Blood Moon - Release of Old Patterns and Energies
     Wolf Moon - Strength and Courage
     Thunder Moon - Clearing Negative Energy and Obstacles
     Harvesting Moon - Reaping Abundance and Prosperity
     Long Night Moon - Inner Reflection and Contemplation
     Frost Moon - Grounding and Stability
     Beaver Moon - Focus and Determination
     Strawberry Moon - Passion and Creativity
     Corn Moon - Nourishment and Sustenance
     Oak Moon - Strength and Endurance
     Snow Goose Moon - Adaptability and Flexibility
     Sap Moon - Renewal and Regeneration
     Pink Panther Moon - Playfulness and Joy
     Honey Moon - Harmony and Unity
     Falling Leaf Moon - Letting Go and Acceptance
     Solar Eclipse Moon - Major Life Changes and New Beginnings
     Lunar Eclipse Moon - Deep Emotional Healing and Release
     Blue Blood Moon - Transformation and Spiritual Awakening

Shared dowsing chart by Shipwrekked78, the 04/15/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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