Human needs 2

Human needs 2

What needs are not being Met?

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Group     To Have Enough Time
     Not to be Used
     Not to Hurt Anyone
     To be Calm
     To be Content
     To Owe Nothing
     For Another to Decide for Me
     Not to Run in Circles
     Not to Stay Stuck
     To be Accepted
     Not to Feel Ashamed
     For People to Respect Me
     For Me to Attract my Life Partner
     To be in a Loving Relationship
     Not to Ruin Anything
     That My Work is Seen
     That My Talents are Appreciated
     For no-one to be Angry with Me
     To retain My Diginity
     To Feel Comfortable
     To Feel Invigorated
     For My Boundaries to be Respected

Shared dowsing chart by louise8, the 12/21/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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