Resolving Sleep Issues

Resolving Sleep Issues

What needs to be addressed to resolve persistent Sleep issues.

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Group     The Spirit of Insomnia
     Past Traumas related to Sleep
     Negative Associations with Sleep
     Biological Programming Reset
     Distractions to Sleep
     Unfavorable Sleep Environment
     Clear History of Disrupted Sleep
     Unprocessed Stress
     Unprocessed Anxieties
     Incompatible Goals at bedtime
     Distractions caused by Sleep Partner
     Need a New Bed
     Need to adjust location of Bed
     Geopathic Stress in the Bedroom
     Need a new, consistent Bedtime
     Need some kind of White Noise
     Discarnates in the Energy Field
     Discarnates in the Body
     Need to feel Safe falling asleep
     Address Diet
     Address Alcohol Usage

Shared dowsing chart by ThisizMe927, the 01/27/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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